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Buy Savior tokens and earn +5% monthly profit as an Ethereum coin in your wallet automatically!

Savior Token ICO Main Sale is live!

4,914,926.90 SAVI
Soft Cap:
10,000,000.00 SAVI

Current Bonus: 5%

1 ETH = 100 SAVI Tokens

The 10% will be available to 17th January

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Basically, what we do is crowdfunding and investing in multiple profitable startups and small business and share the revenue to Savior Coin owners every month. We start paying off investors after the ICO is ended, the voting system has openned, and the fund is invested in companies.

  • 5% Monthly profit

    We ask businesses for 10% monthly profit, we will keep 5% for our operation and re-investment, and 5% will be divided to Savior (SAVI) Coin owners. you will receive the profit as an Ethereum coin in your wallet every month!

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Why invest in Savior Coin?

We are not like any other ICOs that are advertising unrealistic promises and low chance of success. our business plan is wise and have been researched enough to be working. It's backed by the Blockchain technology and Ethereum Smart Contracts to make everything automated.

  • Guaranteed Coin Worth Growth

    Today, if you buy 100 SAVI coins for 1 Ethereum, next year it will be absolutely 10 Ethereum coin for 100 SAVI. For sure there is a reasonable financial reason there. as mentioned above we will reinvest 5% of profit every month so the profit for everyone will rise month to month.

  • Low Risk Investment

    Well, it's being 2018 and it's possible for everyone to invest online and manage their own portfolio. so, you might ask why lend their hard earned money to another company to invest for them? Well, Our team is experienced and well known to manage multipe portfolios and invest or manage startups. we can assure you that we invest in valuable Online businesses to obtain maximum profit and maintain low risk with help of our legal team. Also, we don't put eggs in one basket and we will invest in different companies.

  • Refund if Soft Cap not reached

    Our Smart Contract is coded to refund purchased SAVI coins if the Soft Cap is not reached. So, this makes your investment more logical and smart.

Disclaimer: above statistics are calculated with Economic and Financial Equations based on our previous investment portfolios and economic conditions. We do our best to rise the value of SAVI coin by investing in profitable and stable businesses.

Savior Coin Schedule

Our plan toward success, making Savior coin one of most valuable Coins.
  • Foundation

    Oct 2016

    Mathias and Amanda, two old friends were learning Blockchain technology and Decentralized Apps using Ethereum. After a while they came with a great idea of Angel investing based on Cryptocurrency. They look ahead researching more about Smart Contracts and Potential investment opportunities and building a great team for success.

  • Establish the Project Team

    Jan 2017

    After researchs, they decided to start this Decenteralized project, whcih will help all Investors and Satrtup/Existing Companies with a completely differnt experience in the Investments story.

  • Working on Website and Control panel

    Jun 2017

    Start designing the website and a Laravel based web application to manage Investors and Investment with comprehensive financial analytics for profit maximization.

  • Pre-ICO

    Dec 2017

    Start Pre-ICO on 10th Dec 2017 until 10th Feb 2018 with the Goal of 5 Millions SAVI(s) Soft Cap, and 10 Millions SAVI(s) Hard Cap.

  • ICO

    Jan 2018

    ICO begins 30 Days after Pre-ICO on 10th of January and ends on 10th of March with the goal of 20 Millions SAVI(s) Soft Cap, and 70 Millions SAVI(s) Hard Cap.
    We will refund investments if Soft Cap is not reached.

  • Office in Germany

    Mar 2018

    After the ICO ends successfuly we will rent an Office in Germany to make the team working together on a daily basis and get more job done. Then, we will immediately look for investment opportunities and invest +70% of funds by Feb 2018 with legal documents.

  • Voting System Opens

    Apr 2018

    Once ICO is ended and we reached our goals, we will contact each investors via email and let them know about the Voting system, which is still on beta version in our panel. You can vote for your selected project to make profit of it.

  • Mobile Application

    Q2 2018

    For a better vision of your investment we will work on a Mobile application which includes our investment portfolio and capital investments.

  • Join Exchanges

    Q3 2018

    We will start discussing with Exchanges and expect to be available on them by Q3 of 2018


Meet our experienced-n-excellent team working for everyday success!
Mathias Juvouni
CEO & Co-Founder
Amanda Müller
CFO & Co-Founder
Dennis Griffin
Jack Belloti
Lisa Pravin
Data Scientist
Dan McInnis
Business development Manager
Ryan Cohen
Maciek Martins
Software Developer
Allen Tham
Head of User Experience
Veronika Anderson
Head of Communication
Karina Dixon
Senior Industry Analyst


This guys helps us to be awesome!
John Matsusaka
Professor of Economics and Law
Jebb Dykstra
Entrepreneur, Attorney & Professor
Christian Decker
Professor of International Business
James Malm
Professor of International Business

Contact [email protected] in case of any questions